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MD. Rabiul Karim

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As-salamu alaykum – I am MD. Rabiul Karim, Designing and Coding have been my passion since the days I started working with computers but I found myself into web design/development since 2018. In my spare time, the IT programing is a big part of my life. I am happy for my jobs. Now I am working in IT Company (Natore-IT) Web Developer and it Support team. My job involves doing what I love, Developing new websites/applications, customer relationship management (CRM) applications and developing fantastic content management systems (CMS). apss development. digital marketing. Work management in company team.

My home district in Sirajganj. Now i work in IT company ( Natore-IT) in Dhaka - uttara.

Success for me:

Information technology is not a simple part of other sector it a big of degital platform in the world.Since the information in this sector of information technology is open source, it is possible to acquire knowledge easily.This requires patience and concentration which will make it easier for you to move forward.Keeping this belief in mind, I continue to study using my little knowledge so that I can learn something good.

I work continue on Web Design, Application Development, Apps Development and Digital Marketing and it is fulfilling the needs of the clients by completing these tasks with quality.


My educational journey started from my aunt's(Father's Sister) house. Primary Education lavel completed a kender garden school. after time go to high shool in my village and completed my ssc lavel education at 2010.

I was admitted to a private polytechnic institute in Rajshahi. 2010 to 2014 this duration i completed my diploma engineering in garment design.

My Skill:

Proficient and creative PHP & WordPress developer with a strong history in website management and development since 3 years In Natore-IT. I want to deliver my best within web designing and development area where performance is measured through achievements, because web is my way & programming is my passion.

I am not Expert of SEO in online Marketing But I continuous learning and study of the last 3 years make me confident me on Online Marketing.


Every human being has some hobbies so I am not exception. i have hobbies travelling foren country, a top programmer. InshaAllah by the will of Allah. I will try to success my hobbies.